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When should I book a mold, lead, or asbestos test?

Testing is recommended when buying or selling a home, after a flood or water damage, or if you suspect hazardous materials may be present in the home.

How much does a lead, asbestos, and mold test cost?

Mold Analysis: $275. $75 for each additional sample.
Lead or Asbestos Tests: $365 per test. $50 for each additional sample*
For any two tests: $575
If all 3 tests are needed (6 lead, 3 asbestos & 2 mold samples): $675
*Please note: additional lead samples are done in groups of 4 only.

How long will my appointment take?

Approximately one hour

How and when will I get my results?

Results will be emailed within two hours after testing is completed. In some cases, test results may be compiled on-site and a hard copy will be provided upon completion.

What do I do with my results?

BioFore provides the best testing value when you take initial and necessary steps to safeguard your current home, new home or business. The data in a BioFore report is solely intended to determine the presence of mold, asbestos or lead in the areas sampled, and can be provided to a consultant of your choice for further recommendations and planning. If you would like, BioFore’s consultants can offer you guidance as well.

How do you determine what areas are tested and how many samples are taken?

For asbestos, BioFore takes 3 small samples (1 inch x inch squares) of building materials that typically contain asbestos from areas that are most likely to become damaged by water or considered for renovation. These areas often include under sinks, kitchens, bathrooms or hot water utility closets. For lead, 6 non-destructive samples are taken in materials such as bathroom or kitchen tile that have a high probability of containing lead. For mold, two air samples are taken- one indoor and one outdoor control. Additional samples can be added for an additional cost.

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