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BioFore Certifications and Accreditations


Accreditation for Biofore Labs through The National Institute of Standards and Technology ensures competency in our testing standards, protocols, and methods. NVLAP accreditation signifies we have demonstrated operation in accordance with NVLAP technical requirements and standards.

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The United States Environmental Protection Agency certifies laboratories and technicians are compliant in their practices for environmental testing. The building inspectors for BioFore Labs are EPA Accredited and capable of performing all aspects of field sampling.

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The Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program ensures BioFore labs generate environmental and public health data for high quality data collection that will be used for public health programs and decision making. BioFore is a proud contributor to the nation’s scientific data collection.


The internationally recognized AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Program provides accreditation to BioFore Labs, ensuring we satisfy requirements for environmental lead, environmental microbiology, and other sample collections. This accreditation program recognizes laboratories that are capable of expert analysis of environmental materials.

The Better Business Bureau Accreditation guarantees BioFore labs meet the standards for ethical, lawful, and transparent business operation. It ensures our business operates with integrity, and is honest, trustworthy, and responsive.

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