Mold Clearance Inspection

Mold inspection and collections for clearance confirmation

Mold Clearance Inspection

Mold inspection and collections for clearance confirmation,

A mold clearance inspection is recommended after mold remediation to guarantee mold was properly removed from your property.

Before re-occupation, book your Mold Clearance Inspection with MobiLab today!

When Should you Schedule a Mold Clearance Inspection?

Homeowners should wait at least 24 hours after still-air conditions to allow for the settling of airborne debris and dust.
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After Mold Remediation
After the company has completed removal, demolition, and cleanup

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Cleaning System Shut Down
When exhaust systems and air scrubbers have been off for 24+ hours

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Still-Air Conditions
When door and windows have been closed for optimal still-air conditions

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Before Re-Occupation
To assess the remediation and ensure the safety of occupation

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Before Removing Containment
To prevent cross-contamination during mold clearance inspection


Before HVAC Operation
HVAC systems and ductwork need to be inspected for cleanup and contamination

What you can expect during a Mold Clearance Inspection

MobiLab post mold abatement services include:

Visual Inspection
A Certified MobiLab Inspector will perform a visual observation of the remediated areas. The inspector will take note of the materials used for removal, and examine any remaining signs of mold growth, odor or moisture.

Moisture Measurement
With the help of advanced infrared cameras and moisture meters, MobiLab will detect the presence of moisture behind walls, crawl spaces and other areas throughout your property.

Airborne Samples
After the visual inspection and moisture measurement, we will collect air samples to verify acceptable or concerning mold spore levels in several areas of the property.

Your Inspection Report
After the mold inspection, a certified inspection report will provided. The report will describe the results of the moisture and air tests, outline any areas of concern, and provide mold clearance or recommendation for further mold remediation.

At MobiLab, your health, wellness, and peace of mind are our top priorities, that is why we support and provide unbiased, ethical testing services.
For trusted Mold Clearance Inspections, call MobiLab today.

For more information on our mold collection and inspection services, visit MobiLab Mold Collection


I highly recommend MobiLab to friends and family. Greg was very thorough, knowledgeable, honest and took the time to explain to me what needed to be done. He and his team are absolutely the best in the business! Thank you for all of your help!

Ann H.

Out of the various companies we have used, MobiLab is by far the most thorough and knowledgeable. They truly care about the safety of not only our employees, but most importantly the customer.

Nicole H.
Quick Dry Flood Services

Thanks for the quick work on this (job).

Steve M.
Claims Adjuster, Travelers Insurance

This is a very good company. Billy is knowledgeable, professional and personable. The office staff was good and worked with me and my insurance company. I'm using them again to get the final air testing. They worked with my schedule and were on time.
Thank you Amy!

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