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Who is MobiLab?
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Who is MobiLab?

Rapid Results
Rapid Results

Delivering accurate test results within one hour.

Accredited Laboratory

The only accredited mobile laboratory for nationwide testing.

Self Sustaining Icon
Self Sustaining

Designed with self-sustaining resources during disaster response.

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Emergency Responders

Supporting large scale rapid emergency response.

The ONLY accredited mobile asbestos, lead and mold laboratory in the USA.

Floods and fires occur everywhere: commercial construction, residential homes, in the city or out in the country. Finding an available vendor that can be onsite immediately is of utmost importance to have materials tested and returned to pre-damage conditions. In the search for a trusted vendor, you may wonder, Who is MobiLab?

MobiLab Environmental Determinations is the ONLY accredited mobile laboratory in the United States. We bring the lab to you. This means, whenever and wherever testing is required, MobiLab is the best choice to reduce travel time, ensure accuracy and obtain results you can trust. MobiLab Environmental Determinations is ready for deployment 24/7 365 to obtain samples of damaged materials, test them and get you the data you need to act fast and move on to your next job.

Who is MobiLab and do they offer remediation?

Because MobiLab Environmental Determinations focuses on testing and consulting, and does not offer remediation services, customers can be confident the results will be accurate and unbiased. Should you need remediation services, MobiLab can provide recommendations from trusted vendors.

The MobiLab Advantage

Who is MobiLab and how are they different?
No Upcharges

No Upcharges
MobiLab does not upcharge for on-site analysis. Rates are consistent with national customary pricing.

One Easy Call

One Call
With just one call, customers can get reliable lead, asbestos, and mold testing services.

Two Labs Icon

Mobile Lab
We bring the lab to you. Reducing analysis and testing time.

Open 24/7

Priority Service
Always available to answer your call when you need us most.

Insurance Certs

We Know Insurance
Our management and field staff have over 20 years’ experience in property insurance.

Accredited Laboratory

Our technicians and laboratories are accredited, ensuring reliable results.

Get to your next job, get on with your life - Insist on the MobiLab advantage.

Contact us now to schedule a service

Contact us now to schedule a service

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