Asbestos Testing

Trust your asbestos testing to the experts at MobiLab.

Asbestos Testing

Trust your asbestos testing to the experts at MobiLab.
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Asbestos Testing in under 1 hour using the EPA Certified Method.

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Asbestos Testing in under 1 hour using the EPA Certified Method.

Prior to the 1970’s, Asbestos was used in building materials across the United States.

Identifying potentially hazardous materials can be the difference between health and harm for your family.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a general classification of 6 naturally occurring minerals that continue to be mined to this day, and in some cases, combined with other materials to be manufactured into flooring, insulation, siding, wall systems, roofing etc. In some construction, asbestos is primarily used because of its fire-retardant capabilities, but most often we see it used in materials because it provides a less expensive way to strengthen various construction materials such as floor tiles, vinyl sheet flooring, joint compound/texture, or to provide a decorative effect. Proper asbestos testing can identify the presence of asbestos materials in your home.

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What are the signs of Asbestos Contamination?

Unfortunately, you cannot taste, smell, or see asbestos with the unaided eye. You can only test for its presence and concentration using sophisticated laboratory equipment, protocols, and procedures. Therefore, hiring a trusted asbestos testing service provide is of utter importance. There are signs of declining health that indicate asbestos exposure which include respiratory issues like shortness of breath, persistent dry cough, loss of appetite, tightness of the chest, and wider or rounded fingertips.

When Should I Test for Asbestos?

  • When you are buying, renting, or selling a home built before 1980.
  • Before a contractor performs any demolition or work on a property built before 1980.
  • Before a contractor renovates a property built before 1980.
  • If you have popcorn ceilings that may contain asbestos materials.
Asbestos Testing

Things you should know about asbestos

  • There is NO known safe asbestos exposure limit.
  • There is NO complete ban on all asbestos containing materials in the U.S. Many of us mistakenly believe asbestos was banned decades ago. In fact, American industry still legally imports, uses and sells products manufactured with asbestos.
  • Per the EPA, any facility, regardless of its construction date, must be fully inspected for asbestos prior to any demolition or renovation involving 100 square feet or more of building materials.
  • Learn more about Rule 1206, regarding asbestos removal in condos, apartments and other facilities adopted in November 2017 by the San Diego County Air Pollution District.
  • Learn more about Rule 1403 from South Coast Air Quality Management District, which affect San Bernadino, Los Angeles and Orange counties.


I highly recommend MobiLab to friends and family. Greg was very thorough, knowledgeable, honest and took the time to explain to me what needed to be done. He and his team are absolutely the best in the business! Thank you for all of your help!

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Out of the various companies we have used, MobiLab is by far the most thorough and knowledgeable. They truly care about the safety of not only our employees, but most importantly the customer.

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Thanks for the quick work on this (job).

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This is a very good company. Billy is knowledgeable, professional and personable. The office staff was good and worked with me and my insurance company. I'm using them again to get the final air testing. They worked with my schedule and were on time.
Thank you Amy!

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