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What is X-Ray Fluorescence XRF Technology?

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) is a proven technology used to detect the amount of lead present in lead based materials. XRF Technology is required for proper lead testing for residential and commercial properties. Our EPA-certified inspectors use handheld XRF analyzer machines to efficiently and accurately test many types of surfaces to determine the presence of hazardous lead materials.

What are the benefits of XRF Technology?

The benefits of XRF Technology are that we are able to perform non-destructive paint and tile analysis. With this method, the machine detects lead-based materials even when buried underneath multiple layers- removing the need for sample removal and collection. Additionally, with XRF Technology, we are able to accurately read any amount of lead, from heavy concentrations to smaller amounts.


How does X-Ray Fluorescence XRF Technology work?

XRF Technology is a method in lead testing that determines the elemental composition of materials. MobiLab Environmental Determinations uses XRF analyzers to accurately and safely measure the concentration of lead in lead-based materials. When testing, the machine fires x-ray beams at the sample area to release energy. The XRF analyzer detects individual bursts of energy to calculate the presence of each element. These measurements take only a matter of seconds for full detection, which allows our inspectors to quickly test a large number of surfaces in a relatively short amount of time.

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